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Toast Across America 2014

This year’s two-cigar box Toast Across America is now available at Los Gatos Cigar Club. This year’s cigars are the Opus X Shark and Julius Caeser Shark. Both cigars are Box-Pressed Figurados. The Toast Across America is available only once a year. All proceeds from the sales of the Toast Across America benefit the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, cf-cf.org.

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Each promotion will be available for a limited time. As the number of people purchasing a box goes up the price of the box goes down for everyone.  When we buy more boxes we get a better price and we pass the discount along to you.  So when the promotion clock hits zero the final price is set and everyone who purchased a box gets the same low price. To purchase a box call or email us with your purchase and contact information, we will get back to you and confirm the purchase.  After the promotion we will contact you when it’s time to pick up your box.  All purchases need to be completed at our private lounge in Los Gatos.  We can’t ship any purchases.  Pass along the promotion to your friends and when they buy a box everyone gets a better price.

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